The placement of concrete by pumps is not only a contemporary system but an efficient application used all over the world without alternative. And every kind of concrete pumps are now widely available on the market for vertical and horizontal conveying.

Concrete pumps are particularly effective on pours where large volumes of concrete are required. Pumping concrete is also economical in many applications. However for some projects with less quantity or dry type concrete tower cranes may be more practical.

A further advantage of pumps is that the operation requires less labour than placing by crane. A pump needs only one operator, whereas a tower crane requires minimum an operator together with additional worker at the point of discharge of the bucket.

For successful concrete pumping, there must be close communication between site management, concrete supplier and pump operator in order to ensure both continuity of supply and uninterrupted placement.

This study covers all processes related to the conveying concrete with the concrete pumps. It provides a tidy summary of the concrete pump’s applications in various fields for everyone involved in the operation.

This e-book which consists of following nine chapters will assist you in the planning and organisation of concrete placement by concrete pumps. Pumping concrete, concrete pumps, fundemantal of concrete pumps, pumping operation, maintenance, pump failures, fuel consumption, pumpable concrete, pumping applications.





Do not forget, lo/to procedures are not a choice but a life saving necessity!

Energy is essential for all industry and all processes that run the machines and equipment. Simply, energy is the ability to do work and we need energy. The energy is harnessed, tamed and put into work for us. But, on the other hand, energy is always ready to escape from control. And if it is not kept under control, it can hurt even kill us! We need energy in readymix industry and the form of energy can be in different sometimes live and sometimes stored or hidden!

One of the most important components of the safety program in readymix industry is lo/to (lockout/tagout) policy. The purpose of lo/to is prevent machinery and equipment in the workplace from unexpectedly moving or energizing. Lo/to specifies safety procedures and practices that protect operators, his assistants, maintenance &repair people and other workers around the machine from serious injury, harm and damage and against risks arising in the area. Lo/to procedures ensure that each employee can work without fear.

Lo/to, also called control of hazardous energy, is used in many industries including readymix facilities. This study has been prepared to explain the relation of energy with machinery and equipment and how to implement a lo/to system for the people working in readymix concrete plants.

Apart from the stationary plants, loto can also be applied to control dangerous energy for the mobile machines like wheel loaders working continiously in the production area and mixer and dumper trucks in/out the facility or all trucks including concrete pumps being repaired at the shop. However this subject often overlooked and loto is considered only for stationary equipment.

In order to be succesful for loto application, it is important that all personnel at all levels in the facility receive a training. Loto processes need to be kept simple for the workers to be implemented properly. One challenge to a lo/to program is the safety culture. Therefore building a safety culture at the facility is also important for loto.

Energy is not only beneficial but also dangerous. Do not forget, lo/to procedures are not a choice but a life saving necessity for yhe control of hazardaus energy!

This E-Book, which consists of the following chapters, tries to explain how to apply lo/to policy in readymix facilities. What is loto, energy means danger, control of energy, loto aplications, loto in batch and recycle plants, loto on mixer truck and wheel loader, loto procedures, responsibilities, questions for lo/to.


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