No plant is designed to run without regular maintenance!

Maintenance is result oriented and the cornerstone of economic work.

Due to the continuous operation of the concrete batching plants; all items are subject to high degree of wear and tear. Therefore keeping a batch plant in good condition always requires regular maintenance.

Maintenance in any concrete batch plant refers to the process of ensuring a certain machines, components or systems is in good and working order before and after use. The main goal and purpose of maintenance is to keep all equipment working at their best at all times. To achieve this, it is important to avoid unnecessary downtime, replacements, and breakdowns as much as possible.

Another purpose of performing maintenance at a concrete batch plant is to ensure a safe working environment. Defective parts can lead to potential hazards that can, directly and indirectly, harm the operatör and his assistance also other workers. In extreme cases, equipment failure can lead to accidents that cause injuries or fatalities.

In addition to safety concerns, another purpose of maintenance is to prevent unnecessary costs. Repairs and replacements can be much more expensive than conducting maintenance and downtime can lead to lost revenue and decreased productivity. Neglecting or deferring maintenance can also result in equipment components reaching the end of their useful life much sooner than expected, possibly causing unplanned expenses.

This ebook aims to emphasize the importance of the maintenance at concrete batching plants and consists of following sections. Importance of care, plant maintenance, periodic maintenance, mechanical systems, pneumatic systems, filter system, lubrication, calibration, central mixer maintenance and troubleshooting.

With many different plant configurations and batching and control mechanisms in service, it is impossible to cover every piece of equipment from a maintenance standpoint. Concrete plant manufacturers often provide maintenance manuals for the purchased equipment. But many concrete plants are built, customized and upgraded. Therefore this study addresses general maintenance considerations that apply to most plants.

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No driver thinks to become involved in an accident at any readymix company. Nevertheless, it does happen and when it does you want to be able to get the vehicle repaired and bring to its working condition in a timely manner. Therefore you should put it in your ‘to do list’ as the manager of readymix batch plant.

It is generally frustrating to encounter any form of mixer or other truck trouble, especially if you need its usefulness on an operationtly basis and moreover if you have made a firm dispatch program with limited fleet.

You may run a small scale concrete plant or a local part of a large company. Any mechanical or electrical failure can put the vehicles out of service. In such cases, you must have a repairshop in hand for emergency interventions.

For major faults, you can send the vehicle to the central workshop if you are in a network of a large company or to the external service if you are an individual company. However, you will definitely need a repairshop for small interventions to put the vehicle again in to the operation.

Everyone in readymix knows that everything is evaluated within the cost of m3 concrete. But do you know how much share of workshop regardless in and out service is in the cost of m3 concrete price? And more important how can you reduce this amount? And also how the workshop can become a ‘profit center’ for the company rather than a cost place.

Small or large, how many mechanics can you employ at the workshop? Is there a relation btw the number of trucks and the mechanics?

Repair is important but safety at readymix workshops is more important. Because things need to be faster than other workshops. And mechanics are responsible several and different works rather than their proficiencies. For example they should be able to execute small welding and painting works.

This e-book aims to supply basic knowledge of workshop for readymix companies and consists of following chapters. Planning a repairshop, layout of repairshop, the role of driver, preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance, workshop safety, housekeeping at workshop area , flammable fluids, welding works, working on/under vehicle.

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