If you are not keeping scores, you are not in the game!

Establishing and measuring success metrics is an important skill for business managers in order to monitor and evaluate the company performance. In this study, we discuss the importance of business metrics for readymix concrete industry, as well as which metrics should be tracked to achieve the company goals.

The key productivity ratios of any readymix concrete business can be easily monitored. Benchmarking by monitoring productivity performance can assist the plant manager in several ways.

He can; decide the optimum number of mixer trucks and drivers for each operation, determine the ideal mixer truck and load size, design a main tenance plan that does not adversely impact concrete production and delivery, implement a mixer truck driver scheduling plan that keeps the employeers happy, maximize customer service and minimize unproductive time.

This eBook was prepared for readymix companies to calculate and compare key ratios to measure and monitor their productivity. By using the benchmarking, managers can determine where the company is and take action for where they  want to be!

The study consists of following sections; success metrics, driver and fleet availability, driver and fleet productivity, efficient use of mixer trucks, effective dispatch planning, operational productivity factors, safety benchmarking, mixer truck maintenance and productivity, driver and productivity.

Timucin Özsöylev

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What does business development mean for a readymix company?

There are some firms which are not performing well where the others working in the same area are booming. For sure, many reasons may behind that, but who know this? The answer is very simple!

The business development manager. He identifies, develops, and services customers and markets, in addition to successful sales projects and planning, customer service, generation of new business, retainment of existing business and participation in public/community relations for assigned territories. Today, business development is intertwined with many marketing and sales functions and has the main duty to alert the manegement in case of any differentiation from the business plan.

What are the main driving factors of readymix concrete market?

The expansion of the construction industry contributes to the expansion of the readymix market. The increase in income in developed and developing nations has ramped up the construction of structures and housing structures, resulting in high demand for concrete. The population increase has a primarily positive impact on the readymix concrete market due to the increased need for resi dential buildings. Urbanization has also results in the expansion of infrastruc ture facilities, a major factor in the growth of the market for readymix concrete.

Should somebody in the readymix companies monitor this developments!

The aim of this eBook is to look at the developments in and out the readymix companies for surviving or growing from a different perspective. This study consists of following chapters; readymix concrete, success and unsuccess, improve your business, technology in readymix, readymix erp, preparing business plan, job descriptions, swot analysis, sales and marketing.

Timucin Özsöylev

WhatsApp : +90 532-4161387

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