How much energy do you spend for 1m3 of concrete?

In readymix companies, by increasing efficiency in energy use, costs can be reduced and competitive advantages can be maintained while increasing fuel and electricity prices.

With a well functioning energy program, energy costs can be reduced by

5 – 10% and even higher depending on the existing structure. This is a value range that has been realized in concrete plants where many successful programs have been implemented.

Energy management also has environmental bonuses, such as reducing waste and lowering emissions. Companies that managing energy successfully, make plans for long-term, produce policies and establish procedures.

First of all, it is necessary to structure the team that will work on this issue and most importantly, to set goals and create energy management strategies. Creating awareness within the company employees and the training of productive personnel is essential and a necessity for continuous development.

Concrete producers should make energy management a priority and take action by implementing an organization-wide energy management program. It’s one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to save energy. The energy program offers a variety of tools and resources to assist companies in developing strategic energy management approaches.

This ebook aims to provide basic information for efficient energy use in readymix companies and consists of following sections; energy efficiency, plant energy assessment, energy consumers at the plant, concrete production, returned concrete, water management, truck operations, pumping concrete and maintenance and energy saving.

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Contemporary electric truckmixers; economical, safe and sustainable!

The purpose of this ebook is to bring together the topics that may be on everyone’s mind at readymix companies and create discussion. The study will look at electric truckmixers in greater detail. This will be done by highlighting several subjects and frequently asked questions about electric truckmixers.

The demand for electric construction vehicles is increasing rapidly. The use of 100% electric loaders, dozers, excavators and even electric dumper trucks have already taken place on construction sites. Now it is time for electric truckmixers.

Advantages of a fully electric truckmixer; zero emissions meet sustainability targets, the operating cost is very low, noise level is within the limits, a great advantage for working in residential areas, almost no engine maintenance and more safety.

But, what is needed for electric truckmixers to widespread:
– Time, incentive or force with regulation?
– For example, should we wait first to electric cargo trucks to increase on the roads?
– Or are there doubts about the second-hand values of e-mixers for renewal?
– Or are there some issues that have not been resolved yet?
– Or, in more detail, is the battery and charging infrastructure not fully ready yet?
– Or, has the possibility of fire in batteries not been fully reduced and controlled?
– Or, no absolute solution found for disposal of used batteries yet?
– Moreover, is the charging time long and the missile range short?
– Or, how to prevent electrical leaks and battery discharge situation.
– Will the energy of the lying electric mixer truck at park for a long time be drained?
Diesel truckmixers do not have such problems!

This ebook consists of following chapters; truckmixers, mechanic drum drive, electric drum drive, hybrid truckmixers, electric truckmixers, all electric truckmixers, proporties of e-mixer trucks, battery issues, charging and charge places, maintenance of e-truckmixers and future of e-truckmixers.


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Ready-mixed concrete is becoming widespread all over the world and creates new job opportunities for employees. Especially new graduates find the sector attractive. But how suitable is this job for them? How does the sector work and what does it promise?

Who is this eBook for? Anyone who wants to have basic information about ready-mixed concrete or wants to get involved in the sector can benefit from this study. The book can also be used as an orientation material for new staff entering the company.

Ready mixed concrete appeals to many disciplines and covers many different topics. Therefore, it is important for interested candidates to know the industry and what goes on in a ready-mixed concrete company.

Candidates can understand whether this job suits them while their interest is still new and change direction early, or on the contrary, they can see it as a challenging job for them and get hooked on it.

This study, which will provide you with the necessary information to work in ready-mixed concrete companies and enable you to make a quick start to your career, consists of the following sections. Readymix concrete, readymix logistics, driver at operation, pumping concrete, maintenance, safety issues, sustainability, readymix business strategy and productivity at a readymix company.

If you are civil, mechanical, mining engineer or geologist, chemist or if you are economist or student in related field, shortly if you are in enthusiasm to work for readymix world, this eBook for you…

Timucin Özsöylev

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