Resource efficiency is the core of readymix concrete business! Resource efficiency means using the earth’s limited resources in a sustainable manner while minimising environmental impact. Subject resources can be material, energy and other assets but also manpower or money.

In order to function effectively in all processes, the readymix concrete companies should use every resource efficiently. If you don’t have a resource efficient plant, you don’t have a competitive business. Therefore, resource efficiency strategy is a continious and priority issue in every ready-mixed concrete company.

For a readymix concrete manufacturing company, there is a direct link between ‘how the resource efficient and how effective use of this resources’. The question here is, are you working strategically and focused on optimising the flow and use of resources in your company? If the answer is ‘not’, this should be a top priority for you as of today.

If you want to make sure you are not wasting money on resources, you should have a firm strategy for that. It is all about optimising the flow and use of resources. In concrete production, resources mostly come from nature. And after you use them they all go back to nature. Just as in an ecosystem, in the big picture, in fact, many things cannot be turned into waste. The resources, raw material, energy, water and so on, it’s all part of what could be labeled as ‘cost of operations’ for any readymix business.

If you do not have experience and not know how to do it, but if you want to learn, in this ebook you will find an action plan that has been implemented and tested for resource efficiency in a readymix concrete company. The plan will take you from where you are today, to where you want get to a place where you have a more resource efficient, more profitable business that also leaves the world a better place. This plan is included with several measurable, realistic, achievable and time-bound actions.


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What is your carbon footprint per m3 of concrete, how do you check it?

This study is just for pre-preparation for the official certification. Readymix concrete companies can make internal audit themselves within the organization and take action for any correction and improvement before the official certification audit in order to save the time period.

– The enviromental audit is a valuable tool for readymix companies to use the identify any possible legal or public relations liabilities.

– When used properly and frequently, the enviromental audit can allow a readymix company to quickly identify any problems or potential issuses that could harm the stability of the company.

– The responsible managers can then act proactively to make sure that actions are taken before issues cross the violation threshold.

-This study has been prepared to ensure sustainable development for the protection of the environment in readymixed concrete facilities and around by providing performance-based reference values and pointing out priority systems.

-At the same time, it is a specific guide for management in readymixed concrete companies, covering the entire cycle processes for concrete production and dispatch determining ways and organizations that will provide high performance in energy and material use and evaluation.

-Sustainability strategy, in order not to put the environment at risk,  includes monitoring the developments, warning the wrong applications, and supporting and encouraging the right ones.

-The concrete industry must balance economic success while ensuring social equity and environmental responsibility.

-Researching and developing environmentally friendly products and encouraging their use will both increase economic efficiency and create great advantages for the environment.

-Effective communication with customers is the most important issue for the sustainability of the green movement.

– Company management is responsible for insuring the identification and elimination of enviromentally contaminated areas on company property. Problems found on a property owned or operated by a company or even on bordering proporties , may give rise to substantial legal liabilities.

– In certain circumstances, such liabilities may also interfere with a company’s ability to do business effectively.

– Another practical responsibility of management’s is to maintain its company’s favorable public perception, without which no business can thrive over the long run.

This ebook consists of the following sections; environmental audit, material audit, production audit, dispatch audit, product usage and score table.


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Sustainability in general sense to save the planet and leave a good legacy for future generations. But what sustainability means for readymix companies?

For any business, sustainability means balancing; economic, environmental and social factors. With the growing importance in today’s world, the readymix industry is also turning towards to improve the sustainability of its operations.

One of the primary ways for making the readymix business more sustainable is through resource optimization. The readymix industry requires significant amounts of material, such as cement, aggregates and water as well as energy to produce and deliver concrete. By optimizing the use of these resources, readymix industry can reduce waste of materials and energy consumption and improve the sustainability.

Energy efficiency is sine qua non for sustainability in every process area of readymix concrete, from obtaining raw materials until the concrete enters the forms. Without human priority, any sustainability programs is not applicable! Therefore, shortly, sustainability in readymix business involves primarily energy consumption and saving of natural resources as well as social issues in an economic balance.

Readymix companies can identify the areas such as possibility of using recycled materials or reducing the amount of cement required to produce concrete and excessive energy consumption points at the plant also improve the dispatch programs for fuel saving etc. Any optimization at above fields can lead to significant cost savings and a reduced environmental impact.

This ebook consists of following chapters; readymix concrete, what is sustainability, how to be sustainable, best management practices, managing the risks, resource efficiency, reducing returned concrete, using recycled materials, energy efficiency, air and noise in and around, social issues and training scope for sustainability.


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