Should everyone need to know 0-1 miracle for digitilazition?

– Many readymix suppliers struggle to differentiate themselves in the market. Many experience that their clients start buying from another supplier from one day to the next. Even if the concrete product is of excellent quality and you deliver the concrete on time, this might not be enough to retain a customer in the long term.

– Nowadays there is one inevitable solution, digitalization!

  • The adoption of internet of things (IoT) technology to increase productivity.
  • The power of IoT to ensure readymix meets quality and specification requirements when it is gets to the jobsite.
  • While focused on reducing waste in operations, the digital technology is the unique solution.
  • A slump indicator on the mixer trucks displays slump and temperature, enabling operators or even the customer to verify the concrete meets its specification.
  • Smart sensor technology monitors and helps to manage properties ranging from slump, temperature, volume, water added and location/status of the mixer truck.
  • Embedded sensors for quality assurance and legality.
  • The industry is focused on environmental improvement with digital technology  for example capturing CO2.
  • GPR technology bring safe and efficient operation of mixer trucks.
  • Digital technology also closes the communication gap with project stakeholders by sending notifications when a load is leaving the site, when it is ready for discharge, how much water was added, and other data points, etc.

– But there is a question, ‘are there some people preventing digitalization within the company? Is the older generation really afraid of losing their jobs?’

-Actually, there is nothing to be worried about that. Everyone is already going digital in some way, mostly by osmosis.

– For example, if a mixer driver gets a paperless approval for the delivery ticket at the site, should we consider he knows all about the 0-1 concepts?

-Which generations are working together in the readymixed industry? Today, more than half of the workforce in the world consists of Generation X. This group was born into the digital world.

– On the other hand, the Mors alphabet have similar codes which consists of only two things a dot and a dash. All the letters consist of inputs available or not in other words 1 or 0. People have used this Morse alphabet more than century. Unrestful generation, Baby Boomers should had received a telegram during their childhood.

– Now the main question is where should we start digitalization? Gradually or using direct technologies? In order to reduce employees’ fears and concerns, shouldn’t it be necessary to first create a cultural infrastructure?

-You will find all of above in this eBook which consists of following chapters; readymix concrete, industry 4.0 and rmc, innovation in rmc technology, smart sensors, concrete sensors, drum sensors, digital logistic, digital qc, robots in rmc, digital culture and transformation.

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Time and efficiency are paramount for readymix industry.

-Vehicle tracking systems have been on the market for a long time but have become widespread in readymix industry in recent years and are now a standard feature in developed countries.

-Readymix industry is a mobile industry and tracking mixer trucks is a major competitive advantage. This is why leading readymix companies are turning to digital dispatching solutions.

-Having information about mixer trucks from anywhere eliminates delays in any part of the communication chain and responsibles can handle the problems from their smart phones or tablets with remote access features.

– What is telematics? It is an artificial Word and made up of the terms telecommunications and IT together. But what does the term telematics mean for readymix?

– In telematics, the data come from various information sources or systems linked together. In readymix industry, the data from the truck and the drum is indispensable.

-Why you need a digital tracking system?

Knowing  the exact location of the mixer truck

Monitoring the delivery time

Providing information to the center and customer on time.

Communicate between dispatch and multiple sites

Driver and load-concrete security

Decreasing the accident risk

Preventing vehicle breakdowns.

Evaluation of drivers performance

Fuel saving

-You can also get some important datas regarding the concrete by means of smart sensors on the drum. This allows the dispatcher to monitor concrete in real time.

Ability to monitor:



Air %

M3 concrete in drum

Revolutions of drum

Water additions, etc.

-Time and efficiency are paramount when it comes to the readymix industry. The tracking systems simplify invoicing from pouring data, reduce operational costs and increase fleet efficiency monitoring agitator drum rotations and water usage and enhancing route optimisation. You can also benefit from increased operational efficiency and productivity as well as enhanced mixer truck utilisation.

This eBook consists of following chapters; truck tracking systems, how does it work, system configurations, smart drum sensors, what is telematics, telematics and logistic, telematics for management, telematics in the future and modern fleet management.

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What happened after Bill Gates?

We all know who wrote the first programs for ready-mixed concrete many years ago. But what happened afterwards, how is digital technology used in ready-mixed concrete operations today, how are these systems implemented in the world, are they widespread enough?

Let’s move on to our first question. Which companies still work with the slogan ‘quantity over quality’ and which ones give up this ‘black order – kara düzen’ and increase their sustainability and profitability with ‘quality’.

First of all, check with the following questions which digital applications are used in your company in order to determine the position. If there is no initiative yet, remember that the idea of ‘we will catch up later’ is not valid in the digital world. Because there are huge developments in a very short time. If you don’t have any preliminary preparation, there is no chance of intervening!

1.Is it possible for the ready-mixed concrete industry to digitalize from order to delivery?
2.What is the first field which digitalization was achieved so far?
3. What is working out of tolerance? How can Industry 4.0 be a solution to this?
4.How can optimization in concrete mixtures be done with IoT and M2M?
5.What is the man-hour value for M3 concrete in concrete production and how much can this be reduced with digitalization?
6.Is inventory management an engineering subject or a commercial transaction?
7.What would be the contribution of Industry 4.0?
8. What are the expectations from Industry 4.0 for supply chain?
9.What does the concept of ‘distance in time’?
10. How can quality control be done with the Internet of Things?
11. What could be the advantages of IIoT in logistics?
12. How does automatic slump management shorten transport time?
13. How can you reduce fuel consumption with digital transformation?
14. What are the benefits of simulation-based training?
15.Which training is more suitable for near misses?
16. What is functional safety defined by Industry 4.0?
17. How to ensure workplace safety in ready-mixed concrete facilities with IoT?
18. How to monitor cement pressure and ensure silo safety,  What’s the solution with IoT?
19. With Industry 4.0, sensor fusion and data analytics, how to ensure safety on sites?
19. How can random failures in equipment be managed with Industry 4.0?
20. How can IoT and AI are used for preventive maintenance in cement silos?
21. How can you monitor cement pressure in silos with IoT?
23. What will Industry 4.0 change in terms of efficiency in the ready-mixed industry?
24. What features should the ready-mixed concrete ERP software have, what should the main parameters be?
25. How can you make use of drones in ready-mixed concrete operations?

Ask above questions and get answers then accordingly determine whether your staff and all employee ready for digital transformation.
Don’t wait too long to take action!

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Green concrete is produced in green batch plant!

Green concrete refers to concrete that has been designed to minimise the negative effects it has on the environment. Currently, concrete is responsible for approximately 5% of all the world’s carbon emissions.

Everything is going green, that’s now the trend of modern life. Concrete plants also benefit from this. Green batching plants are undoubtedly favorable choice in order to save material and energy. But how can we operate a green concrete batching plant?

It is not enough to just set the rules for concrete production, the concrete machinery and equipment manufacturers (batch plant, truckmixers, concrete pumps etc…) also need to take part in this trend and transform their production and products into green..

Green concrete batching plants, first of all, must comply with environmental protection requirements. Therefore companies manufacturing concrete batch plant should take all reasonable and practical measures to prevent or minimise environmental harm and nuisance.

There is also important duty for the readymix managers, responsible persons such as foremen and dispatchers as well as drivers and operators, for thinking and acting green in every process of concrete production and delivery.

Concrete is the main stay of construction industry. Concrete underpins the economic prosperity and continued growth. While concrete can be durable and sustainable, its production, if managed poorly, can damage environment and communities.

This eBook is for operating a green concrete batching plant.
Each section of this study addresses a separate aspect of the green concrete production process, from handling cement to batching and dealing with waste also delivery.

Readymix companies using this guidebook can be confident they are doing what is required to protect the environment and also prevent environmental incidents.



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