Sustainability in general sense to save the planet and leave a good legacy for future generations. But what sustainability means for readymix companies?

For any business, sustainability means balancing; economic, environmental and social factors. With the growing importance in today’s world, the readymix industry is also turning towards to improve the sustainability of its operations.

One of the primary ways for making the readymix business more sustainable is through resource optimization. The readymix industry requires significant amounts of material, such as cement, aggregates and water as well as energy to produce and deliver concrete. By optimizing the use of these resources, readymix industry can reduce waste of materials and energy consumption and improve the sustainability.

Energy efficiency is sine qua non for sustainability in every process area of readymix concrete, from obtaining raw materials until the concrete enters the forms. Without human priority, any sustainability programs is not applicable! Therefore, shortly, sustainability in readymix business involves primarily energy consumption and saving of natural resources as well as social issues in an economic balance.

Readymix companies can identify the areas such as possibility of using recycled materials or reducing the amount of cement required to produce concrete and excessive energy consumption points at the plant also improve the dispatch programs for fuel saving etc. Any optimization at above fields can lead to significant cost savings and a reduced environmental impact.

This ebook consists of following chapters; readymix concrete, what is sustainability, how to be sustainable, best management practices, managing the risks, resource efficiency, reducing returned concrete, using recycled materials, energy efficiency, air and noise in and around, social issues and training scope for sustainability.


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