How can you repair a concrete pump malfunction at site?

The subject of this study is to inspect and detect and appropriately eliminate the failure points of concrete pump and delivery line for the problems that may occur during pumping operation.

The site repair tips include followings:
-What needs to be done in case of a problem during pumping at site?
-Which safety precautions should be taken before starting a detailed fault search?
-Can you repair the problem at site?
-Have you got the necessary parts with the machine?
-What would be the cost if you continue for pumping with this problem?
-Whether is it worth for the sake of operation?
-Should the priority be given to solving the problem or completing the work?
-Should you inform the facility for a spare pump?
– Who should decide to continue for pumping or stopping. Operator, dispatcher, forman or workshop?
-Whose mistake is this? Operator, dispatcher, workshop, operation team or whom?
-Why above questions are very important for the customer satisfaction and who should think about that?

Troubleshooting requires detailed knowledge for concrete pump technology and machine control as well as fundamentals of pumpable concrete. Of course the pump operator can make some site repairs but provided he is prepared and trained!

Naturally, we cannot expect the pump operator to diagnose every malfunction of the machine and repair it! However, we can consider this like a first aid of the operator in an emergency while waiting a doctor!

If it is delayed or made wrong intervention for the arrangements for prevention the failures it may be much more expensive then you think apart from the stopping the operation.

For example, the pump operator can replace a blown fuse if he has it with him. However even at such an easy intervention if he is not trained and use wrong fuse may lead a much higher cost malfunction.

Before starting the emergency cleaning process, the dispatch department should be informed for the incident to stop the delivery of concrete. And depending on the situation, the facility may be asked to provide a spare pump if necessary.

I hope this e-book will be useful to the entire concrete team working in the field as well as dispatch and workshop responsibles.

And finally, if we talk together we can make your team be prepared in order to make your operations more economic, timely, satisfactorily and safely…

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