1-Readymix Dispatch

Content: 1 Concrete logistics, 2 Just-on-time delivery, 3 Who is dispatcher, 4 Dispatch planning, 5 Problems in planning,

6 Optimization, 7 Productivity, 8 Benchmark, 9 Customer relations.

2-Readymix – Digital Operation 

This E-Book, which consists of the following sections, tries to explain how to do digital transformation and operation in readymix.

Chapters; 1.digitalization, 2. digital transformation, 3. digital concrete production, 4. telematics, 5. digital dispatch 6.smart sensors,

7.concrete sensors, 8.digital safety and 7.digital training.

3-Readymix – Fleet Management   

This E-book aims to provide an overview of the fleet management for the ready mixed concrete sector and consisting of nine chapters;

1. Fleet management, 2. Fleet manager, 3. Cost management, 4. Fleet productivity, 5. Vehicle configuration, 6. Safety management, 7. Fuel management, 8. Maintenance management and 9. Driver management.

4-RMC – Raw Material Management   

This nine-chapter e-book covers following subjects; readymix concrete, raw materials, inventory management, cement supply, water management, recycled materials, optimization, lean management and sustainability.

5-Readymix – Danger points at the facility   

This e-book was prepared for everybody who enter into the operative area in readymix facilities. And covers following chapters; safety in the facility, stationary plants, mobile vehicles, repair&maintenance, lone worker, traffic in the facility, housekeeping of the facility, weather conditions, safety culture.

6-Concrete Plant – Hazardaus Energy  LO/TO

This E-Book, which consists of the following chapters, tries to explain how to apply lo/to policy in readymix facilities. What is loto, energy means danger, control of energy, loto aplications, loto in batch and recycle plants, loto on mixer truck and wheel loader, loto procedures, responsibilities, questions for lo/to.

7-Readymix – Safely Working

This E-Book consists of a series of images that draw attention of mixer truck drivers to the main accident areas experienced in ready mixed concrete plants and on the roads. The visuals are designed in a simple way to enable those working in the industry to understand safety related issues more easily.  The images are comprised of bug-seeking visuals, each addressing a different number of problem situations.
Each image is also supported by information that explains the erroneous or missing situations in more detail or gives additional information.

8-Mixer Truck – Rollover Prevention

This nine-chapter E-Book covers rollover incidents in mixer trucks in detail. Rollover risks, rollover awareness, rollover incidents, analysis of rollovers, rollover prevention, prevention systems, rollover training, rollovers at turns, results of rollover.

9-Mixer truck at operation

Content: 1 Daily work, 2 Vehicle checks, 3 Driver at operation, 4 Operation safety, 5 At the operation, 6 Concrete basic, 7 The role of driver,
8 Environment awareness.

10-Mixer Truck – Defensive Driving

This E-Book containing the following topics has been prepared to prevent mixer truck accidents. What is defensive driving, driving awareness, safety conscious, driving fundamentals, tips for safe drive, mixer truck accidents, extrem conditions, driving on road, driving off-road, driving at site, fit driver, safety training and safety culture.

Many books have been written about defensive driving. However, this book is a unique study for mixer trucks…

11-Mixer truck – Repairshop

This e-book aims to supply basic knowledge of repairshop for readymix companies and consists of following chapters. Planning a workshop, layout of workshop, preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance, the role of driver, workshop safety, housekeeping at workshop area , flammable fluids, welding works, working on/under vehicle.

12-Concrete Pump – Safety Questions

This E-Book is consisting of following topics; safety issuesmachine safetysafety at the plant, safety on the roadsafety survey at site, safety on the site, safety at setup, safety at pumping, safety at cleaning and safety at  maintenance. This study covers the precautions to be taken and the points to be considered for the safe operation of concrete pumps in the ready mixed concrete sector and all on construction sites. In addition, many topics related to safety awell as safety culture are also covered in the book.

13-Concrete pump at operation

Content: 1 Safe pumping operations, 2 Concrete pump and safety, 3 Safety management, 4 Pump audit guide, 5 Preparation for operation,
6 Pumping concrete, 7 Who is responsible for safety.

14-Pumping Concrete

Content: 1. Pumping concrete, 2. Arguments for concrete pumps, 3. Type of concrete pumps, 4. Fundemantal of concrete pumps,

5. Pumping operation, 6. Concrete pump maintenance, 7. Concrete pump failures, 8. Cconcrete pump fuel consumption, 9. Concrete pumping applications.

15-Highrise Buildings – Concrete Pumping

Content: 1 Highrise pumping, 2 Sample project, 3 Pump selection, 4 Delivery line, 5 Operation checks, 6 Pouring concrete, 7 Using placing boom, 8 Pump and line cleaning.

16-Pumpable Concrete

Content: What is concrete, concrete components, fresh and hardened concrete properties, gradation curve, design of pump concrete, willingness to pump, concrete in the pump, concrete in the pipeline, concrete pumping mechanics, pumping applications.

17-Batchplant Maintenance

Content: Importance of maintenance, plant maintenance overview, periodic maintenance, mechanical systems, pneumatic systems, calibration, mixer maintenance, troubleshooting.

18-Batchplant Operator

The purpose of this eBook is to provide basic background and information required for running batch plants and manufacturing the concrete. Content: Concrete batching plants, plant safety, maintenance of plant, concrete fundemantals, fresh concrete, batching ingridients, batching sequence, etc.

19-Wheel Loader for Batching Plant

This e-Book has been prepared for general information purposes. It is intended for the use of wheel loader operators, production and safety professionals and other related plant personnel. The study covers following chapters; what is wheel loader, operating wheel loaders, working at batchplant, other loader works, pre-start up procedures, loader maintenance, work safely, hazard control, loader operator, etc.

20-Environmental Management

This eBook aims to provide basic knowledge to all related responsibles at the concrete batch plants to help them comply with their general environmental duty by outlining; readymix processes, readymix concrete, water management, solid materials, chemical and fuel, spill response for trucks, air quality, noise manage ment, environmental management and employee training.

21-Returned Concrete Management

The aim of this eBook is to look at the issue from a different perspective. The study consists of following sections; returned concrete, rinsing mixer drum, concrete pump washout, concrete wash at site, why recycling, tips for concrete recycling, mechanical recovery, fresh concrete recycling, filter press, returned concrete management.

22-Readymix Concrete Fundamentals 

If you are civil, mechanical, mining engineer or geologist, chemist or if you are economist or student in related field, shortly if you are in enthusiasm to work for readymix world, this eBook for you… This study, which will provide you with the necessary information to work in ready-mixed concrete companies and enable you to make a quick start to your career, consists of the following sections. Readymix concrete, readymix logistics, driver at operation, pumping concrete, maintenance, safety issues, sustainability, readymix business strategy and productivity at a readymix company.

23-Readymix Business Developments 

The aim of this ebook is to look at the developments in and out the readymix companies for surviving or growing from a different perspective.

The study consists of following chapters; readymix concrete, success and unsuccess, improve your business, technology in readymix, readymix erp

preparing business plan, job descriptions, swot analysis, sales and marketing.


24-Readymix Productivity Benchmarks 

This eBook was prepared for readymix companies to calculate and compare key ratios to measure and monitor their productivity. By using the benchmarking, managers can determine where the company is and take action for where they  want to be! The study consists of following sections; success metrics, driver and fleet availability, driver and fleet productivity, efficient use of mixer trucks, effective dispatch planning, operational productivity factors, safety benchmarking, mixer truck maintenance and productivity, driver and productivity.

25-Readymix Electric Truckmixers 

Contemporary electric truckmixers; economical, safe and sustainable! The purpose of this ebook is to bring together the topics that may be on everyone’s mind at readymix companies and create discussion. The study will look at electric truckmixers in greater detail. This will be done by highlighting several subjects and frequently asked questions about electric truckmixers.This ebook consists of following chapters; truckmixers, mechanic drum drive, electric drum drive, hybrid truckmixers, electric truckmixers, all electric truckmixers, proporties of e-mixer trucks, battery issues, charging and charge places, maintenance of e-truckmixers and future of e-truckmixers.

26-Readymix Energy Efficiency

How much energy do you spend for 1m3 of concrete?This ebook aims to provide basic information for efficient energy use in readymix companies and consists of following sections; energy efficiency, plant energy assessment, energy consumers at the plant, concrete production, returned concrete, water management, truck operations, pumping concrete and maintenance and energy saving. 

27-Readymix Sustainability

This ebook consists of following chapters; readymix concrete, what is sustainability, how to be sustainable, best management practices, managing the risks, resource efficiency, reducing returned concrete, using recycled materials, energy efficiency, air and noise in and around, social issues and training scope for sustainability.

28-Readymix Operating Green Plant

This eBook is for operating a green concrete batching plant.
Each section of this study addresses a separate aspect of the green concrete production process, from handling cement to batching and dealing with waste also delivery.

Readymix companies using this guidebook can be confident they are doing what is required to protect the environment and also prevent environmental incidents.

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