Let’s talk dispatch…

What is dispatch?

-Why is it so important? Why everyone in the company should take care of the dispatch?

-Dispatch is a logistics issue and a matter of logic, math and problem solving, it is the brain of the system.

-Dispatch in readymix companies emerged years ago with the start of competition. Nowadays, competition is at its peak. Beat the competition with dispatch training and dispatch workshop!

With good dispatch;

  1. Waiting times of mixer and pump vehicles can be reduced.
  2. Fuel consumption can be reduced.
  3. Optimization in some cycles and in the fleet can be achieved.
  4. Total operational safety can be increased
  5. By regulating customer relations possible problems can be reduced
  6. Plant efficiency can be increased
  7. Sales profitability can be increased
  8. Wrong decisions of dispatchers can be corrected.

In order to create a team culture within the related departments and bring scientific approach and a new vision to your operations, let’s talk together with your;

Dispatchers / Batchplant operators / Formen / Workshop responsibles / Salesmen / Plant chiefs / And who wants to increase efficiency in the company

Waiting for your kind invitations…


Timuçin Özsöylev

WhatsApp : 0532-4161387

Mail : ozsoylev@gmail.com

Web : www.ozsoylev.com

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