Readymix Business

Part 1. covers fwg topics: readymix business, engineers in readymix industry, engineering management, business intelegence,

readymix kpı’s, position your company, improve the business, technology in readymix, digital transformation in readymix

and others….



Stop losing Money!


Be prepared for your career in readymix business…

-This is the unique program for engineers covering operation and business knowledge in the ready mix industry.

-Engineers often have problems explaining what they did and achieved in business language. This study was prepared to fill this gap.

-Engineers who work with great technical expertise and devotion in production and in the field must also be able to express themselves to the management quickly, accurately and clearly.

-Engineers who can achieve this can reach to ‘the title of manager’ more easily.

-My book, ‘From Engineering to Management’, which I prepared years ago for fresh engineers, went through three editions and sold thousands of copies.

-The readers, mostly new engineers, said, ‘We need this, because we want to rise immediately’.

-There is nothing magical about this work, but I have great faith that the participants to this two-days program will rise in their career very quickly…


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