How to calculate efficiency?

-Operational efficiency is a measure of how well a company is able to utilize its resources in order to produce the desired outputs. In other words, it is a measure of how a company is able to convert inputs into outputs.

-While there are many inputs such as; material, time, fuel, spares, labor, etc. in readymix concrete companies, there is only one output. Concrete poured into forms!

– A readymix company that is operationally efficient is able to produce and delivered more concrete with fewer inputs or the same output with less input. This results in lower costs and higher profits. As a result, the company will be able to generate more revenue and profit. It also allows businesses to respond quickly to changes in demand. This means to be more competitive and sustainable.

-There are some basic key figures to control a readymix company. And these key figures need to be obtained correctly to see how effectively the company operates. What are the right key numbers that really matter to us and how can we compare the competition to those numbers?

-For readymix concrete companies, balancing the priorities of operating efficiently against delivering excellent customer service can be challenging. As companies focus on improving operational and dispatch efficiency, the customer experience can diminish. And in providing an excellent customer experience, efficiency is often sacrificed.

– What precautions can be taken and implemented for a readymix concrete company to be both efficient and ensure customer satisfaction? Let’s talk together and make your operations more competitive!

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