Suddenly you can be appointed to a managerial position, but are you ready for this?

Regardless of your profession, if you have an engineering degree and have worked a few years in the readymix industry (at production, in the field, laboratory, machine park, workshop, purchase, sales, R&D, BI, etc.) you can rise to a managerial position on some occasion, with your success, with your stance or with the separation or leaving of someone. Because the readymix industry gives you this chance and opportunity.

But the problem here whether you have prepared yourself for this position? You may think that you are confident and a leader character and it is normal to expect such appointment and a rise in the company you work for at any time. But are you ready now for this?

Consider that you have risen with your success in your own branch. But there are many departments and works in the company, all different from each other! How can you cover each of them. Should you really understand them in detail? For example; can you design a concrete recipe or make a slump test or repair a machine or purchase raw materials and some spares or make the dispatch. And should you know how to keep account? Or is the management something else entirely?

What do you need to know about readymix plant management?
Is there a common denominator that unites all of activities?
Or what would your boss or senior management want to see?
How can you measure the company’s success?
How can you calculate the KPIs?
Which criterias stand out for this?
What is managerial accounting?
How to cycle the cash money in the safe?
How can you ensure daily production and shipment?
What should you do and overcome at a crise time?

Do not worry, all of above and even more info available in this study just for you!

Timuçin Özsöylev
Whatsapp: +090 532 4161387

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