Understanding Newton’s laws

If you’re not taught Newton’s laws in rollover protection training, stop listening to stories. Because, in this case you will soon experience your own bad story.

Can there be a truck driver, tipper driver, tanker driver and mixer operator who does not know Newton’s laws?

Safety related trainings on trucks should cover the laws of physics.

There are many natural forces such as gravity, momentum, kinetic and potential energy, friction, centrifugal force etc. which should be clearly explained on a technical basis. Otherwise, the study remains only a motivational meeting.

-Why is tipping not a surprise for trucks?

-What does dynamic load mean for a truck?

-How affect the centrifugal force?

-Why the mixer trucks rollover easily?

-What is the cam circle, how does it affect the rollover

Adequate understanding of Newton laws will help the drivers to control the vehicle in bends and turns, decelerating and stopping, as well as other conditions encountered during the driving process.

Well, how can you explain Newton to a prospective drivers who has never taken physics lessons in his life?

Do not worry and think about it. Over the past 30 years it is my duty.

What should you do, just a call…


Timucin Ozsoylev

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