Do you clean inside of the drum with or w/o loto.

-In the concrete industry, for some reason, hazardous energy control is carried out exceptionally for stationary facilities. Near-miss events seem to be only a matter of cement factories. It is also usually for electrical energy.

-We can see some measures in batch plants but for only central mixers. However there are bant conveyors, elevators etc in motion.

-On the other hand, there are so many precautions to be taken for the cleaning of the concrete truck drums. The truck is itself

a moving machine and the mixer drum is like a windmill in any way.

-Have you ever wondered what happens to the hardened concrete residue that builds up inside the rotating drums of those concrete mixer trucks?

-As the concrete residue inside the drum builds up, the mixer’s capacity is gradually reduced. This means you can’t transport as much fresh concrete as you could with a clean drum.

-All that dry concrete residue lining the inside of the drum weighs a lot and heavier trucks use more fuel. Fuel costs money.

-The longer the concrete residue stays in the drum and the more it builds up, the harder it is to get out.

-Considering  there are  a number of mixer trucks in concrete facilities you may be in danger while dealing with these machines not only for cleaning but also for maintenance as well as every minute in operation.

– All kind of energy may be beneficial but also dangerous. Those working with stationary or mobile machines should be aware of this fact.

-It is difficult to understand why dangerous energy is not taken into account enough in mobile machines. This is purely a matter of culture. If we leave it to the operator’s control only, we will continue to see accidents as a fate.

-I recommend you LOTO training for all stationary and mobile machines in your ready mixed concrete facilities. Let’s examine the safety rules and procedures for your batch plant, wheel loader and concrete trucks and their drums.

-If you suffer such accidents and want to draw attention of your employees  to this point  just a phone call will be sufficient to come together physically or virtually  in order to discuss the subject.

Timuçin Özsöylev

Mobile: 0532-4161387


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