Could this song be describing the state of mixer drivers?

Mixer drivers are responsible for loading, transporting and unloading concrete on site and cleaning the drum and must always be in good physical condition to perform these duties.

Daily maintenance and, if in case, flat tire replacement can be added to these tasks. They also do not have to use any assistant as pump operators, to do these jobs. Mixer drivers have to do all the work alone.

Work can usually start at six in the morning and last until midnight.

Is it possible for the drivers to return home after such a job and spend time with his family, rest and socialize?

It’s obvious that a lot of effort is required from the mixer drivers, but that’s just the physical part of the job. On the other hand, since a mixer driver is always at the bottom hierarchically throughout his work, he is sometimes humiliated and insulted by the plant operator, foreman, dispatcher and site supervisors, and his efforts for these works are ignored.

I wonder if the mixer drivers really have no complaints about their position? In fact, truck drivers are proud of their profession and to be on the road. Mixer drivers are no different. They may even be glad that they are always helping to do something new as houses and buildings, unlike cargo trucks. I feel that they just as happy with their lives as in the song?

English translation:

-I have to go to the construction site.

-When I got up this morning.

-And the sun won’t come out today.

-I sit down for breakfast.

-My stomach is sick!

-That’s what my grandpa used to say.

-But now I have no more timework is calling.

-I have to go now.

-All I bring is concrete.

-I love driving.

-Give me concrete.


-I can’t do anything else.

-Give me concrete.

-Give me…

-And when I’m sitting on the mixer truck.

-What a pleasure it is.

-I drive back and forth to many construction sites.

-Concrete this is my life.

-I’d like to bring you concrete.

-If you need anything then call me.

-I’ve had enough of this.

-All I bring is concrete.

-I love driving.

-All I bring is concrete.

-All I can do is concrete.

-I love driving.

-All I bring is concrete.



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